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PROMAK FOUNDATION is a voluntary organization promoted by like-minded Educationists, Doctors, Legal experts, Technocrats, Dynamic entrepreneurs, enthusiastic students and effervescent youth to bring a perceptible change in the present social set-up. It is an Endeavour for a better tomorrow. WE expresses the essence of living and upholds the need to appreciate the other man’s point of view and to show consideration for fellow human beings. It also holds that the welfare of an individual is ultimately dependent on the welfare of the society as a whole.

PROMAK FOUNDATION has a commitment & sensitivity about the social responsibilities in respect of development & welfare deprived class of all categories like SC’s, ST’s OBC’s General, minorities, handicapped, street children and the less privileged section to provide the diagnostics, therapeutic rehabilitation follow up service for all above mentioned groups through network or Programme & activities.

PROMAK FOUNDATION is established with the promise towards the weaker section to elevate & project their status by providing them adequate service & support for education,employment, public assistance, health, nutrition etc. continues to be the primary consideration. Our objective has been the reduction in the incidence of poverty, providing better opportunities for self-development & to bring about increased participation of vulnerable group in particular in the development process.

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