Through years of working on the ground, we have realized that the problem of the school dropouts from underprivileged families is not only economic poverty but also social poverty. By social poverty, we mean the absence of social support systems and the socio cultural atmosphere that positively impacts school dropouts to improving themselves. We at PROMAK FOUNDATION have developed a model and identified Few areas of work, which form the pillars of the SHEEN model.



‘Livelihood Training’ is our first pillar which aims at solving the problem of school dropouts without marketable skills. This training enables the students to gain expertise in skills like Electrical Wireman, A/C Refrigeration, Motor Mechanic, Motor Driving, etc. for boys and courses like Tailoring, Cutting, Beautician, Mehendi etc. for girls.


Community engagement aims to develop leadership among underprivileged youth and solve community problems with the help of the youth members of the sheen club.Issues like leadership development, community work, problem solving, sports, culture, recreation & life skills are taken up. All members are encouraged to visit the YP centre where they learn to play games and sports.


Over the last 15 month, we have reached out to more than 400 youth through our various formats. Of these, approximately 60% are gainfully employed either through a wage or self employment. But the power of influence of each Centre is within a 10 km radius only.To address this issue, PF has a dedicated Placement Cell at the Work Office and has tie ups with many small and large companies -from Retail Outlets of Aditya Birla Group’s More, Big Bazaar, Cafe Coffee Day, Westside, Reliance Retail, Tata Star Bazaar, to Spas and Beauty Parlours, Computer Hardware Companies and, Mobile Phone Galleries,and from Wiremen in large Electrical Companies to Motor Mechanics in Mahindra & Mahindra.


The fourth pillar is Partnership with major stake holders, Industry, Government, NGO’s and communities. This includes tying up with trade agencies and associations for employment opportunities in the unorganized sector as well. At PROMAK FOUNDATION we arrange industry visits for new students as these industry partners can be potential employers. This helps in motivating students to enroll themselves for related course