Women are the pillars of our society. A healthy, educated and self-reliant woman means a healthy, educated and prosperous family. India has, since time immemorial, worshipped the feminine power in the form of ‘Devi‘ and yet, on the ground, the reality is very different. Women are referred to as ‘the weaker sex’ and are considered as a vulnerable section of the society. Even in this day and age, women have to face discrimination and atrocities  both at home and outside. To deal with this deep-rooted social lacuna, the trust resolved to take a step in the direction of empowering women by helping them to be confident and self-reliant. The steps taken by the Trust in direction are:

Awareness Camps

In an environment where women are often suppressed and not exposed to the world outside, they are at the receiving end of different kinds of abuse. To alleviate ignorance and make women aware of various issues like gender, health, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS etc, the Trust organizes Awareness camps for women and adolescent girls on a regular basis. This provides them with an opportunity to share their views, raise their doubts, seek advice and be more aware of themselves. The Trust hopes that this endeavour will be a catalyst of positive change at the individual and the societal level.
15 such awareness camps have been held in last two years, in which a total of 398 women participated. This direct contact with the very grassroots of society is sure to slowly bring about a positive change in long run.

Vocational Training Centers

The Trust offers courses in tailoring and beauty culture in its vocational training classes for women. These courses are focused upon enhancing skills and helping them generate supplementary income. Women have wholeheartedly embraced these initiatives and their enthusiasm has turned this program into a huge success. Our experience shows that at least one woman from each batch starts her own tailoring shop and several use their skills in their day to day life by applying it in their homes.

Since the inception of this program, 43 batches have culminated and 20 are in progress currently. These batches have trained a total of 975 women in the skills that are either employed for self or for supplementing family income. At least 25 success stories arising from this program have not only inspired fellow women, but us as well. This has shown us that our efforts are propelling the program in the right direction.


A fair measure of the success of any training imparted is its translation into practice. Not only does the Trust impart training, it organizes competitions that enable women to showcase their talents. It is a fun-filled way to ensure that the women continue to sharpen their skills. It motivates them to do their best, gives them a taste of success and appreciation. The rewards and prizes add to their sense of achievement, enhancing their self-image.